1. Number of Players: A match is played between two sides, Each side shall consist of 11 players,one of whom shall

2. Nomination of Players

  • a. Each captain shall sign and submit the names of 11 players plus any substitute fielders to the Umpire before the toss. No player (member of the playing eleven) may be changed after the nomination with the consent of the opposing captain.

  • b. All those nominated including those nominated as substitute fielders, must be eligible to play for that particular club and by such nomination the nominees shall warrant that they are so eligible.

  • c. If an unregistered player batted, bowled or did wicket keeping; this will be a forfeit for the team which played the unregistered player.

3. Captain: The deputy must be one of the nominated players of the playing eleven.Attire: All players and substitutes must be in proper cricketing attire.

4. Any clothing related objections must take before the game. Players not wearing the teams attire cannot play. Only Following types of cricket clothing is allowed:

  • White or off-white cricket clothing

  • Colored clothing is allowed only if pink/white balls are used for playing the game

  • International cricket team jerseys are not allowed

  • White ball games must have colored pads

  • Entire playing 11 must be in same colors either whites or same color

5. Runners: A runner for a batsman when batting is not permitted.

6. Player Coming Late during batting/fielding innings (1st Innings) - A player must play at least 1 over in the field to be eligible to bat, however they cannot open the batting, as long as they were declared in the playing 11 at the toss. To open batting, a player must field the full overs.

7. Player Leaving Early during fielding innings (2nd innings) - A player may leave early and be replaced by a named substitute as a fielder.

8. Substitute:

  • Any active member of a club may act as a substitute for any other active member of the same club. All other ICC/MCC rules for substitutions will apply.

  • Named substitutes shall be allowed to field only, and must not bat, bowl or keep wickets.

  • The spirit of the law is that named substitutes shall normally only be used to replace a member of the fielding side that are injured or incapacitated during the course of the match, and captains are responsible for reaching agreement on this spirit.

9. Newly registered players will have a 7 day waiting period for approval before being eligible to play.