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1. Upon checking the field status, the Home Team must inform both Umpire and Away Team at least 2 hours before the scheduled game.

2. If the Umpire shows up to the ground, both teams are responsible to pay the Umpire fees.

3. If the Away Team disputes the field conditions and wishes to visit the ground, the final decision of the playing conditions is the Umpires call.

4. Game ground/venue cannot be changed under any circumstances.

5. Delays and when a field is finally playable will be the decision of the Umpire. If the Umpire feels the field is playable, only then can the game begin/continue.


1. In order for any team to be ready to take the field, a minimum of 7 players must be present on the field at the time of the toss. Any team that is not ready to take the field at the designated start time, due to late arrival or any other reason shall lose 1 over from their team's batting innings for each 5 minutes lost due to the delay. All weather conditions permitting, the game can be cancelled (walkover) and awarded to the team that was ready for play. In such a case, the team at fault shall receive no points and their opponents shall receive winning points.

a. Walkover v/s. Forfeit: If the numbers of players are less than 5, game will be considered as Forfeit.

2. Teams shall share the duties of acting as a home team even if they do not have a home field. Teams will get an approximately equal number of home games where they will need to lay down the mat etc. even if the game is scheduled at the opposing team's home ground.

3. The home team shall be responsible for the preparation of the pitch, which includes sweeping, raking and/or rolling, before laying the matting, to the satisfaction of the Umpire

4. The home team shall be responsible for the following items at a minimum, when hosting a game

  • a. Full length jute matting (gray or light brown)

  • Stumps,bails and chalk for marking

  • Duct tape

  • 100 meter measure tape

  • Ball Counter

  • 2 used or new balls by both teams (in the event the bail has to be replaced)

  • 8 inch flat cones for inner 30 yard circle (the "circle")

    • 20 cones minimum that are to be placed 11-13 yards apart

    • Semi-circle of 30 yard radius from the middle stump at both ends drawn behind the wicket

    • Connect the 2 semi-circles ends along the length of the pitch with a straight line

  • 12 inch cones for boundary line

    • 30 cones minimum that are to be placed 14-17 yards apart

    • Max 70 yards semi circle from each end of the wicket

5. Teams violating any of the above mentioned points will be subjected to a deduction of 1 over per violation provided that the game can be played. This is in addition to any and all other applicable penalties. Any incorrect setups that consume time will result in deduction of additional overs depending on the time consumed for correcting the issue. 1 over for every 5 minutes wasted.

6. Use of shoes with metal spikes by bowlers and batsman is forbidden.

7. Toss:

  • The Captains, in the presence of the Umpire, shall conduct the toss at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the game.

  • A minimum of 8 players from both sides must be present at the ground when conducting the toss.

  • Team that is not prepared for the toss shall automatically forfeit the toss to the opposing team. Any team responsible for a delayed start automatically forfeits the toss to the opposing team in is not present, his team must nominate a deputy for the toss.

  • In the event the captain is not present, his team must nominate a deputy for the toss. Once the toss is
    completed, a decision should be made immediately at the time of the toss itself.

Each team must complete at least 8 overs to be considered a full match. In case of shortened match use the Duckworth Lewis Calculator.