1. Fielding restrictions will be in effect for all matches

  • In the first 6 overs of an innings (mandatory power play) the fielding team must have at least 7 fielders + 1 Keeper+ 1 Bowler as fielders inside the 30-yard circle.

  • In case of reduced overs 1 over of power play should be reduced for each 5 overs reductions.

  • Unless stated here, all ICC rules of power play for fielding restrictions will be applicable

2. All teams are required to ensure that the 30-yard circle is clearly visible on the ground for all matches.

3. There can be no more than five fielders on the leg side at any time.

4. There can be no more than two fielders behind the batsman (between the square leg umpire and the wicket
keeper) on the leg side at any time.

5. Fielders under restrictions have to be within the 30-yard circle at the time the ball is delivered

6. If the total number of overs is reduced during the inning, there shall be no change to the number of restricted
overs determined at the start of the inning.

7. The umpires shall ensure all the above rules are met. Any infringement of any of the above rules must result in
that delivery being called a no-ball.