1. Captains shall advise members of their respective teams that the Umpires' decision is final and binding in regards to playing of the game. The Umpires shall not tolerate any individual acting in an un-gentlemanly or un-sportsmanlike manner or using profanity; nor should the team to which that individual belongs tolerate it.

2. The Umpire is the final decision on the field. Please respect the Umpire. If you disagree with any decision, you may bring up your concerns after the match to the board. We will not keep Umpires that perform badly. If we ask players to behave respectfully, we ask Umpires to perform as well. Any disrespect by the player or by the Umpire (i.e. cursing, excessive arguing) will be penalized aggressively, as we want to eliminate this from our game.