Indoor 6v6 Tournament Registration

3 games per team + finals

Friday and Saturday Nights 10pm

Dates: January 25th +26th and Feb 1st + 2nd


  • 6  players in a team. Roster can have up to 10 players.

  • Each innings consists of 9 six ball overs and must be completed within 30 minutes (5 runs awarded to the batting team for every one minute over the specified time)

Winning teams will be decided by which team scores the most runs in their innings and
no declarations of any innings by a team may decide the result of the game.


  • Batters will bat in pairs for 3 overs.

  • All wickets carry a 5 run penalty, and batsmen should change ends.

  • Should the ball be caught in full off of the wall, then a wicket will be

  • The LBW dismissal will not be a valid wicket.


  • Maximum of 3 overs per bowler. (which cannot be consecutive)


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3 games per team + finals - Friday and Saturday Nights 10pm - January 25th +26th and Feb 1st + 2nd
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