Level 2 A

1. Reinforce Level 1 skills.

2. Play the game, don’t watch it.

3. Catching in the Outfield.

4. Drive Off/On. a. Bend the knees b. High Elbow c. Head still d. Move feet

5. Cover Drive. a. Bend the knees b. High Elbow c. Head still d. Move feet

6. Bowling at the top of off stump.

7. Cricket ballet 2 -back and across.

8. Back foot grounded sideways when fully forward.

9. No half way house- fully forward or back and across.

10. Soft hands when defending.

11. Bowling outside off stump when defense is attack.

12. Hitting the ball in the gap – leg side.

13. Coming down the wicket-lofted straight shots.

14. Yorker.

15. Sundries:  Cost of wides.  Cost of short pitched balls.

16. Ability to set a field, field positions introduction.

17. Run outs and how to stop them happening.

18. Which hand to hold the bat when running?

19. Playing the game - don’t watch it (catches and run outs).

20. Strategy-pressure team batting second.

21. Leg spin, Off-spin. (Arm ball, Googly,)

22. How the ball spins when hit for fielding. Hook and Pull verses Cut Shot.

23. Player’s role in the team.

24. How a team works from opening bats to a spinner buying a wicket.

25. Game Strategy:  Defence can be attack when fielding.  Attacking and Defensive Bowling.  Batting first or second. Half way Mark.  Protecting spinners.  Looking for the gap to hit.  Sundries.  Captaincy introduction.

26. Blocking second bounce Yorkers.

27. Don’t hook spinners.

Level 2 B

1. Outfield Catching.

2. Reinforce Part A skills.

3. Cut Shot.

4. Cricket ballet – back and across, back foot grounded sideways when coming forward, coming down the wicket.

5. Leg Glance. Front and Back Foot. a. Bend the knees b. High Elbow c. Head still d. Move feet

6. Slower Ball.

7. Back-Foot Drive, Off, On and Straight Drive. The cradle. a. High on toes b. High Elbow c. Head still d. Move feet

8. Leg-Off Cutter.

9. Square drive. Front and Back Foot. a. Bend the knees/High on toes b. High Elbow c. Head still d. Move feet

10. In - Out - Reverse Swing.

11. Sweep, Reverse sweep.

12. Hook Shot. When to play.

13. High Catch 25m+.

14. Slips catches.

15. Game Strategy, walking in, watching the batsman’s feet, game tempo, starving the batsman and buying a wicket.

16. How to win close matches.

17. Fielding to spinners.

18. Stop and Throw- Front foot, Back foot, Turn and Throw.

19. Variation in your over. Six different balls per over.

20. Use of the crease when bowling.

21. Flight and setting your field for your bowling.

22. Playing spin. a. Fully Forward or Back and Across b. Bend Knees/High on toes c. High Elbow d. Head still e. Move feet

23. Upsetting the batsmen when bowling, upsetting the bowler when batting.

24. Learning a shot you can’t play from a team member.

25. Game Strategy:  Setting a field for your bowling.  Buying a wicket.  Chasing a total and run outs.  Batting through the overs.  Watch the batsmen-which shots are his strength and weakness.  Seeing off a top class bowler.  Attacking a weaker bowler.