Spring 2019 T20 BBCL

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The New BBCL 

To all cricketers. This season we hope to bring new features to our league that will set us apart from all others.

This season is also the launch of our Sunday T-20 League. 

Saturday and Sunday are 2 separate Leagues.
Saturday League (Pink Ball)
Sunday League (White Ball)
1130 am + 3 pm games

BBCL Youtube channel featuring:

Games of the week
Pre and post game interviews
Weekly review show
Social media content following all videos/pics from the games

Team/player perks:
Fitness room access (will be ready in April)
Discounts at BB Store


Match of the Week & Weekly Review Show

Each week we will record 2 games and go over the results from the prior week and discuss topics with special guests from our league!


Revised Rules, Policies, Execution

For our league to be the best, we must assure fairness. Together we will assure this fairness as best as possible with new rules and policies with consistent execution.