The Umpire is the final decision on the field. Please respect the Umpire. If you disagree with any decision, you may bring up your concerns after the match to the board. We will not keep Umpires that perform badly. If we ask players to behave respectfully, we ask Umpires to perform as well. Any disrespect by the player or by the Umpire (i.e. cursing, excessive arguing) will be penalized aggressively, as we want to eliminate this from our game.

At the Toss:

  • Both teams must give their playing 11 to the Umpire.

    • All players must be registered players (unregistered players are strictly not allowed to play the game). Unregistered players are not covered by insurance, therefore, they are a liability risk.

    • If the unregistered player, bats or bowls in a game, that game will be an automatic forfeit.

    • Both captains may verify the player by asking the umpire to check their IDs.

    • After the completion of the game both teams cannot contest the identity of the player.

    • For playoff eligibility, player must have played 3 regular season games.

  • Any player without team uniform is strictly prohibited. Team captains do not have the authority to allow such players to play. Umpire must not allow that player without uniform to play.

    • Every player must wear the same team shirt. If some of your team does not have a shirt, then the whole team should wear white.

    • Player pants must be as close to uniform as possible. For example, if a team uniform has black pants, a player may wear a dark or other black pant if they do not have their uniform pants.

      • If the pants are not close to the uniform color, the player cannot play.

  • Every game must be completed at cut off time. In case any game is not completed, (adding a few minutes for the ball loss etc) game will be stopped at the cut off time and the result be decided as per the Duckworth Lewis Method method.

  • If the first bounce of a ball is outside of the mat, this is a NO BALL.

  • 7 days waiting period for all new registered players.

  • Playing grounds cannot be changed.

  • 8 overs needed to complete game.

  • 3 forfeits in a season and you will not be allowed to register your team the next season.

  • Sunday Teams must have colored pads, since they are playing with a white ball.

  • A player must field at least 1 over to bat. They must be on the starting 11 given to the Umpire at the toss. A batsmen cannot open the 2nd innings if they did not field the full 1st innings.

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Delayed Start

Weather/Pitch permit Delay

  • For Every 10 min lost - Reduce 1 over from the game (Both team)

  • Match setup delay (Home Team)

  • For Every 5 min lost - Reduce 1 over from the game (home team)

  • Match Start Delays - Team Arrival

  • For Every 5 min lost - Reduce 1 over from the game (faulty team)


Team/Captains Responsibility

  1. Home team is responsible for setting up the mats, cones, etc.

  2. Winning captain should update score cards by Tuesday.

  3. After Tuesday scorecards will be locked.

  4. Playoff eligibility of the players will be determined by stats from score online.

  5. Keep the game to the schedule.

Umpire Responsibility

  1. Keep the game to the schedule.

  2. Communicate with captains if the game is running late.

  3. Number of overs per team should be agreed on before the start of the game(in case of late start).